Tesla Model S Gets Steve Saleen Spin at Pebble Beach


Automotive legend Steve Saleen probably isn’t the first person you think of for high-performance electric cars, but that will be changing soon.

Saleen unveiled his new creation today on the Concept Lawn at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance based on Tesla’s Model S sedan. The car features a series of changes meant to make it more performance capable than a Model S taken directly from Tesla’s factory.

“Tesla has created an entirely new class of American automobile,” Saleen said. “There are many similarities to this and how Ford created the ‘pony car’ class in 1964 with the Mustang, which is how these vehicles stand out from the rest of the pack.”

A new front fascia design includes something the company calls “front aero management vents” and a V-shaped hood that are meant to maintain a low pressure field under acceleration and improve drivetrain cooling while offering more downforce. The car also gets a larger rear spoiler and diffuser.

Saleen also added new wheels wrapped in ZR-spec performance tires sitting above carbon ceramic brakes that contribute to a reduced curb weight that the company hasn’t specifically released. Combined with weight reduction, the company also gave the Foursixteen a 11.39:1 final gear ratio to improve acceleration along with a locking rear differential.

The interior is also revised with four bucket seats although the Foursixteen still offers capacity for five passengers. Aside from the seats, Saleen also adds revised door panels and a different leather-wrapped dashboard.

If you already own a Model S, the company will modify your car with its parts for added performance. Otherwise, the Foursixteen costs $152,000 before tax incentives and including the cost of a P85 Model S.

GALLERY: Saleen Foursixteen Live Photos


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