Tesla Model X ‘Ready to Feast’ on Premium SUV Market

Tesla Model X ‘Ready to Feast’ on Premium SUV Market

Some experts believe the upcoming Tesla crossover will outsell its already successful sedan.

Financial firm Morgan Stanley says the American automaker’s Model X will outshine the current Model S and is “ready to feast” on the premium SUV marketplace. The report stated that the experts at Morgan Stanley believes the upcoming Model X will “sweep every Car of the Year award on offer by the automotive media.”

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Though it’s been much delayed, the Model X is a highly anticipated crossover from the electric automaker. And despite no one outside the company has even seen or driven the production version, Morgan Stanley remains confident that Tesla has more money and resources to support the launch of the Model X than it did for the Model S.

Most recently, Tesla shut down its plant in order to setup tooling for the Model X and ramp up production for its current sedan.

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[Source: LA Times]

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