Fisker Karma Relaunching Using Old Design

Don’t expect anything entirely new when Fisker relaunches under its Chinese owners.

According to a recent report from Reuters, Fisker’s new owners Wanxiang Group is accelerating the relaunch of the brand by utilizing the design of the 2012 Karma, the company’s last year of production. The company is aiming to reintroduce Fisker to the market next year and will be “nearly identical to the 2012 model,” according to a person close to Fisker’s suppliers.

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The plan to use the 2012 Karma’s design is more of a business decision than anything, as costs to engineer an entirely new model and to go through safety testing and certification wouldn’t be cost-efficient for a company that went through financial struggles. In addition, it is likely that Fisker’s new owners would like to use up some of the old parts in the inventory that were acquired as part of the buyout.

The new Karma will feature some “noticeable upgrades,” with up-to-date features and technologies to keep it competitive in today’s marketplace. Currently, Fisker plans to restart Karma production in Finland to start selling the vehicles again in the U.S. and Europe. Once sales pick up, the company will turn to production in the U.S.

GALLERY: 2012 Fisker Karma


[Source: Reuters]

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