2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Can Hit 60 MPH in Under 3 Seconds

Sami Haj-Assaad
by Sami Haj-Assaad

When Chevrolet announced the Corvette Z06 earlier this year, we knew it would be fast, but did you expect numbers like these?

Chevrolet says that a fresh-from-the-factory Z06 ‘vette can hit 60 mph from a stand still in just 2.95 seconds. That time comes with the eight-speed automatic, while seven-speed manual equipped models can do the sprint in 3.2 seconds.

The 1/4 mile times don’t disappoint either as the eight-speed did a 10.95-second time, while the 7-speed manual clocked in a 11.2. Both models featured identical 127 MPH trap speeds.

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The Z06 also boasts some impressive braking and handling numbers, stopping from 60 mph in just 99.6 feet. According to GM, that’s the best braking performance of any production car they have ever tested. The Corvette Z06 also achieves 1.2 g in lateral acceleration, besting the Corvette’s previous top performance of 1.13 g.

A 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine lies under the hood of the Z06, making 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, helping deliver those impressive speeds. These numbers were all achieved with the option Z07 performance package which delivers the most downforce of any production car GM has ever tested.

Chevrolet also mentioned that the new Z06 is a whole second faster than the old ZR1 around the Milford Road Course, but these numbers point to a car that’s as fast as supercars that cost almost twice as much as the ‘vette. For example, an Audi R8 does the 0-60 time in 3.2 seconds and costs $188,995, while the Z06 costs just $78,995. Of course, there’s more to sports cars than just straight-line speeds, but so far the Z06 seems like a great value for the performance.

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Sami Haj-Assaad
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