AutoGuide 2015 Heavy Duty Truck Comparison

Three Heavy Duty Workhorses Put to the Test

Automakers love to play the numbers game, especially when it comes to big trucks. A recent spat between Ram and Ford saw both companies claiming the “best-in-class” towing title for their respective heavy duty pickups like kids in a sandbox arguing over who has the better castle.

Sure, specifications are important, but they only tell a part of the story. And in the case of heavy-duty trucks, they only tell a fraction of the story. The common thought is higher numbers equal better performance, but the key and really the most important consideration to any heavy hauler is what it actually feels like when you’re towing. There is nothing worse than 20,000 pounds – or more – of steel rolling down the road feeling like it’s out of control.

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In partnership with the Canadian Truck King Challenge, we tested each of the big three HD pickup trucks for 2015. To be clear, it wasn’t an empty parking lot test that consisted of deciding which truck has the best cup holders. We loaded roughly 4,000 lbs of shingles into the bed of each truck the first day, while the second day consisted of pulling 15,000-pound fifth wheels and a full day of driving. We also had fuel economy loggers hooked into the ODB II port for the entirety of the testing to see exactly how much diesel it takes to get the job done.

But the real fun took place at the drag strip. Yes, you read that right: drag strip! We sent each of these trucks down the drag strip, trailers in tow, to get the real story on acceleration. And the results may surprise you, so read on to see how each truck fared.


Dmax says:

Funny how when results don’t come out like people hope they would the test becomes crap. I think they did a adequate test and for the record this is twice now the Duramax has won the top 3 truck challenge. Last one was in 2013

Brian Doering says:

I am a ford man and I think they should have compared apples to apples as I have a 2015 F-350 and she has 3.73 gears not 3.55. as both the ram and gm tested with dual rear wheels and 3.73 and the ford was 3.55 with single rear wheels. If you are going to put vehicles through a test make sure you test same or as close to the same as possible. I’m not a sore looser because ford didn’t get top honors. I have posted the same reaction when the comparison had GM with the weaker truck but again they did the test with a different axle ratio and therefore the results are a false result. My truck has gotten as much as 19.2 mpg unloaded on highway to 11.1 towing a 14,000 fifth wheel. I think that Ford has a lot of refining to do but i’m happy with it.