More BMW i3, i8 Units Heading to US

BMW is sending more of its i3 and i8 units to the U.S.

The German automaker said it has already sold 10,000 i3 electric vehicles sold worldwide since its launch last November. The i8 sports car has sold 280 units worldwide with 67 of those deliveries in the U.S. The i3 is also off to a hot start in the U.S. with 3,104 units sold, despite having been on sale for just a couple of months.

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According to Ian Robertson, BMW’s board member of sales and marketing, the German automaker is producing about 100 i cars each day and is selling about 100 per day worldwide. As a result, the company is considering increasing production on the i8 to meet the heavy demand by ceding space currently allotted to build the i3 on the production line. Currently, the wait times for the i8 are too long and BMW wants to adjust to sell more of the plug-in hybrid sports cars, but will do so cautiously. In the U.S., the BMW i8 is sold out through 2015.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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