Lotus Evora, Ford Mustang Join Dubai Ambulance Fleet


Usually sports cars are the reasons why ambulances are on the road, but not in the United Arab Emirates.

At the Dubai World Trade Centre, a Lotus Evora ambulance was unveiled that is equipped with most of the same emergency and first-aid equipment that’s often found in an ambulance. Also being added to the fleet of First Responder vehicles will be a pair of Ford Mustangs and officials believe that these new sports cars will help cut down response time significantly. According to Zaid Al Mamari, a paramedic with the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, these sports cars turned ambulances will be “fitted with a responder bag, suction unit, foam splints for fractures, cardiac defibrillators and oxygen bags.”

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Naturally, these cars will be different to drive compared to regular ambulances, which means drivers will receive special training before starting to use them. The special vehicles will also be equipped with a mobile data terminal that will allow first responders to enter in key data and submit it to hospitals ahead of a regular ambulance arriving at the scene.

GALLERY: Lotus Evora GX


[Source: The National]

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