Tesla Battery-Swap Stations Opening Later this Year


The rapid recharging parlor trick that Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled more than a year ago will finally be available to Model S owners before the end of the year.

Tesla’s first battery-swap station will open up somewhere between San Francisco and L.A. within the next few months, allowing owners to quickly “charge” their Model S while on the road. The technology was first demonstrated last year and using a robotic system that removes the underbody battery pack on the Model S and replaces it with a fully-charged pack in under 90 seconds. Each station is expected to have a capacity of 50 battery packs.

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Tesla has neither announced the exact location for the first battery-swap station or any other subsequent ones, nor has it revealed exact pricing details for the service. The company is expected to build its second set of stations on the east coast, likely between Washington D.C. and Boston.

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