Top 10 ‘Forbidden Fruits’ of the 2014 Paris Motor Show

Ten cars not availalbe in America, but I wish they were

Car companies are pretty clever. A lot of time, research and money gets spent before a new product is created.

With differences in geographical, economic and cultural climates, one vehicle that might work in country A may not work in country B. This leads to a lot of variances globally when it comes to cars and trucks.

Although we get a lot of cool cars in America, there are still some “forbidden fruits” in other lands that I wish would make the journey across the ocean. Cars that for one reason or another have been deemed as too risky to be sold on our shores, even though my irrational, inner enthusiast wants to drive them so badly.

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During the Paris Motor Show, I was surrounded by them and I felt weaker than Tiger Woods in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Peugeots, Renaults, diesels, wagons and more; they were everywhere! After wiping the drool off of these fast foreign beauties, I pulled out my camera and made a top ten list of the cars at the 2014 Paris Motor Show I wish were available in North America.

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