Top 10 Most Reliable Cars of 2014

Midsized SUVs: Toyota Highlander (V6)

In the midsized SUVs category, Toyota was the only automaker to be recognized with the Highlander V6 ranking most reliable followed by the popular 4Runner. In total, the Japanese automaker 14 models landing on the most reliable list, helping it rank second overall among 28 automakers. It’s worth noting that the Highlander performed well despite only having data for one model year, a scenario that plagued other automakers with troublesome first-year problems. Click here for more information on the Toyota Highlander.


disqus_KQqDtCiepO says:

I’m confused, the first page right above the graphic it says ”

2014’s Least Reliable Cars” then lists the most reliable cars.

Stephen Elmer says:

Whoops! We also did a “least reliable cars list” ( The titles must have gotten mixed up.

It’s all fixed up now.

Santos says:

It’s a Toyotafest over at Consumer Reports.

Shiratori90 says:

OR, the cars are actually good and you’re just a troll.

Let’s go with the latter………

chlyn001 says:

Or maybe you’re just easily duped by non-car guys.

Lee says:

toyotas and lexus have been known to last forever. toyotas are too boring for me though….but lexus are nice

johnls39 . says:

When the last time Lexus RX consider a large SUV?

Michael says:

you are so stupid. wouldn’t you think a reliable car is 1 who can look after their ride instead of driving it into the pits? 10 reliable cars my ass