Cadillac Trademarks 12 Nameplates


A filing with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office is revealing Cadillac’s future model naming plans in new detail.

Shortly after Johan de Nysschen took the reigns at Cadillac, the company company announced a plan to revise its model nomenclature in an effort to make its products more straightforward for current and future customers. It’s a similar move to the one that de Nysschen introduced during his brief tenure with Infiniti. Now a new filing is revealing more about the list of possible future model names.

The company is reserving the names CT2, CT3, CT4, CT7 and CT8 to stand for its line of current and future cars. Cadillac already announced that its new rear-wheel drive flagship sedan will be called the CT6. Similarly, the company is setting the names XT2, XT3, XT4, XT5, XT6, XT7 and XT8 aside for its future crossovers.

Under de Nysschen’s direction, Infiniti made a rapid transition that moved most of its models over to the “Q” and “QX” naming system they use today, but Cadillac won’t follow suit. Instead the company is planning to ease slowly into adopting the new name system for its vehicles.

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For example, Cadillac is planning to continue using the ATS name for its compact car and CTS for its mid-size model while introducing the new CT6 as its flagship. When the ATS and CTS are ready to move into a new generation, they will also shift to the new names.

It isn’t entirely clear how Cadillac plans to spread the names across its current models, but the filing reveals that the company is considering at least two cars that would sit above the CT6 flagship it announced in September.

Similarly, the news sheds more light on plans for Cadillac to offer more utility vehicles. Currently it offers the unibody SRX and the body-on-frame Escalade. Despite that, the company filed to trademark seven “XT” names that could stand for utility vehicles. Five more crossovers might seem like a tall order to fill, but de Nysschen also expressed frustration with the fact that Cadillac trails German luxury brands with a healthier crop of crossovers.

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