Ford Issues Five Recalls Covering 200K Vehicles


Twenty-fourteen must be the year of the recall. Takata’s massive airbag foible is causing much grief, GM’s ignition fiasco drags on and in addition to all of this there have been myriad smaller safety actions. Adding to the tally, Ford just announced five callbacks.

Ford Transit Connect

The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker has found a variety of issues with several of its products. First, the company is recalling about 27,600 2014 Transit Connect vans to correct a fuel and vapor-line routing issue. The conduits could rub together, leading to a fuel leak and fire hazard. No injuries or crashes have been reported due to this issue.

Ford Transit

Surprisingly the larger 2015 Transit van faces a similar issue. The bracket that mounts its fuel filter to the frame can detach over time, resulting in unnecessary movement and a banging sound while driving. Fuel starvation and a stalled engine can result from this problem, obvious safety issues. Again, no injuries or accidents have been reported; only about 90 Transits are affected.

Mercury Grand Marquis

Next up, the panther-platform sedans. Roughly 38,600 Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Cars are being recalled because of another recall. Yes, it’s true! These 2005 through 2011 models may have had their lower intermediate steering shafts improperly repaired during a previous callback. Fortunately only one accident and no injuries have been reported because of this issue; allegedly it can result in a loss of steering, which is bad.

Ford F-150

Owners of 2014 F-150 pickups will also be receiving callback notices. About 950 of these trucks have potentially misaligned brake pedal position switches that can prevent the brake lights from illuminating when the pedal is depressed. This issue can also stop the cruise control from disengaging when the binders are applied. No injuries or accidents have been reported due to this issue. All dealer technicians have to do is remove and reinstall the switch to correct this issue.

Ford Flex

Lastly about 135,000 Flex crossovers and F-150 trucks could have defective passenger seat sensors that can prevent the front airbag from deploying in a crash if an adult is seated up front. Obviously this increases the likelihood of injury and death should an accident occur. Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by this issue.

If you drive any one of these cars or trucks keep an eye on your mailbox for formal recall notices and please get your vehicle repaired as soon as possible.

GALLERY: 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon


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