Kia Ballast Point Sedona Knows How to Party

It’s going to be a great weekend getaway to the racetrack.

A piece of land in the infield has been selected and everyone is ready to settle in for a three days of racing. Oh crap, someone forgot the beer! Well, that will never be an issue with the Kia Ballast Point Sedona.

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The custom project converts from being a minivan to a full-blown brew machine in no time at all. Using a hand-formed solid mahogany shell, the roof flips up while the walls flip down to produce a full bar ready serve some sweet cold suds. One of the Sedona’s power sliding doors has obviously been welded shut while the other remains usable so the designated bar tender can step inside and serve beer.

If things get too busy, thirsty race fans can also enjoy a frosty beverage from the tailgate. In all, four half-barrel kegs of beer can be chilled in the back of the van. Extra passengers and cargo will have to find their own way to the track, this here only transports the important stuff. The front passenger seat is even deleted to make space for an emergency keg or extra supplies.

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Riding on custom airbags to compensate the extra weight, the floor has been lined so that the interior can be hosed out in case the bartender spills. Helping further with cleanup, stainless steel counters and a hidden tank to store water make cleanup a breeze.

And what’s a bar without a kicking stereo? When the cars are done for the night, Freebird and Livin’ on a Prayer can be pounded out of a set of speakers mounted in the flip up roof. Want to be the hero of the local race weekend? Bring this van.

GALLERY: 2015 Kia Ballast Point Sedona


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