Kia Ballast Point Sedona Video, First Look

Kia knows what the people of SEMA really want: beer and lots of it. So the Korean automaker brought us this mobile bar in the form of a Sedona minivan.

This Sedona converts from a van into a beer-distributing machine in no time: the roof flips up while the walls flip down to produce a full bar ready serve some brew. One of the Sedona’s power sliding doors has been welded shut while the other remains usable as you can see in the photos and video.

2014 SEMA Show Coverage

This thing can carry four half-barrel kegs in its cooled trunk and an extra barrel can fit in place of the front passenger seat. It also features a easy to clean interior, which can be hosed down after last-call. And since we’re at SEMA, this van has an upgraded stereo too. Watch the video and try not to get thirsty.

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GALLERY: 2015 Kia Ballast Point Sedona


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