Mercedes G-Code Concept Unveiled Before LA Auto Show

To commemorate a new Beijing R&D center, Mercedes-Benz is showcasing a new concept car, called the G-Code. Set to make its global debut at the LA Auto Show, the G-Code Concept is full of high-tech ideas.

This sub-GLA sized crossover concept isn’t expected to be hinting at any upcoming models, but its design and technology could be heading to a Mercedes in the future. Speaking of the design, collaborative effort between Mercedes design studios in Germany and China.

A high-riding compact hatchback with short overhangs, the G-Code features LED lights and comically huge 21-inch alloy wheels. It also uses two cameras instead of side view mirrors.  Finally, the front grille of the vehicle changes colors depending on the driving mode.

Power is delivered by a hybrid power train that can be switched between front, rear and all-wheel drive at the drivers whim. According to Mercedes, the paint finish is capable of regenerating energy via sunlight during the day and electrostatic energy via the wind. The concept also uses a regenerative suspension system.

The interior is also futuristic in a minimalist way, with digital displays commandeering most of the space on the dashboard. Look for more in-depth photos to come out during the LA Auto Show.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz G-Code Concept