Scion IM Concept Production-Bound Next Year

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

It may seem like Toyota’s Scion brand is trapped in the automotive doldrums but three new models are set to blow into showrooms over the next few years. One of these cars is a production version of this blue concept.

The Scion iM is a compact, five-door hatchback that’s scheduled to arrive at dealerships next year. If you’re wondering about the name that lowercase “i” stands for “individuality” while the “M” supposedly represents “modern,” “multifaceted” and “magnetic.”

That may be a bunch of malarkey but one thing that’s not is the paint color. This custom-blended hue is called “Incrediblue” and it looks dope, yo!

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With a wide stance, low ride height and compact overall dimensions the iM is designed for youthful drivers that live in urban areas; fuel economy should be another one of this car’s strong suits. Additionally it features an adjustable-height suspension and rides on generously portioned 19-inch wheels.

Further details about the engine, transmission and available technology will be released at some point next year, but interestingly company representatives have shared some preliminary pricing information. The Scion iM is expected to start at less than $20,000.

Keeping an eye to the future, the production version of this concept will be revealed at the New York Auto Show next April and we’ll have complete details about it come spring.

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GALLERY: Scion iM Concept

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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  • ClubRacer ClubRacer on Nov 20, 2014

    Hopefully it handles as good as the FR-S does!

    • See 2 previous
    • REN REN on Nov 25, 2014

      the FRS is not a Subaru with a Scion badge... yes the motor was developed by both Toyota and Subaru, but no it's not a Subaru... the motor was actually developed by Yamaha just like every other Toyota sports motor has been before.

  • Jonny_Vancouver Jonny_Vancouver on Nov 20, 2014

    I think they're spending too much time and energy trying to be hip and cool for the kids that not enough love is going into the cars. This car is proof that the current Scion business model is stuck in the past. Are they gonna mate this car to a decade old engine and 4 speed auto transmission too? If this is a concept, I shudder to think how bland the production model will look. Low-rider/Gangster style belongs in the 90's. As the worlds largest car manufacturer, how about bringing something fresh to the table? One only needs to look at what Mazda is doing to see what sexy evolution looks like ... Like old school? check out the Nissan idx concept that has confirmation for production in the near future. Or how about rally style? The new Impreza is impressive with updated motor, transmission and it still has classic styling cues. What about American muscle? Updated/Classic looks (See Mustang, Challenger, Camaro) and while I don't normally condone American cars, I'd make an exception for these. Even Honda whose cars are arguably somewhat bland has modern, some might even say cool offerings: See HR-V or even a 2015 fit with it's plethora of standard options and earth dreams tech, add some alloys to that sucker, lowering springs, tint the windows and Bam! you have something that looks better than this latest "concept". All these cars have found their niche or have a cohesive design theme and quite frankly I expected more from Toyota. They have had so much time to improve upon Scion's lineup that I can't help but wonder what went wrong and whats taking so long? If this is truly a 'youth oriented brand" How about some radically styled cars? risky, slick, different!? if there's one thing not only young buyers want, but I think most of the market too, it's cars with more style. So as a youth brand why not take some risks with styling, at the very least, plus add in that reliability Toyota is known for, and that's a recipe for future success. I like to offer constructive criticism. So here, Toyota I will help you with an idea and in return, I want one for free when you build it. A compact CUV hybrid or all electric using super capacitor tech that I know you guys are developing, AWD, CVT if it has a gas engine of course, and make it affordable for the masses. I'll let you work out the details, have your design team contact me, you're welcome. This thing will sell like hot cakes. Oh and pls bring the i-road to north America with more power (higher top speed) and extended range, thanks.