GM Fixing Small-Car Ignitions for Stuck Keys

GM Fixing Small-Car Ignitions for Stuck Keys

General Motors is offering a free repair to any vehicle owner having issues removing their key from the ignition.

While this isn’t another recall because the problem doesn’t present a safety risk, there are 2.2-million small cars that could be potentially affected by the issue. According to the American automaker, the defect only affects three to four percent of the vehicles which are from the same pool of recalled cars with faulty ignition switches. The company has notified dealers of a “special coverage adjustment” that will offer owners a free fix for any complaining of issues removing the key from the ignition.

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In affected vehicles, the transmission shifter may not properly transmit an electrical signal to allow the ignition key to be turned from the “accessory” position to the “lock” position. As a result, the ignition key can’t be removed from the ignition cylinder and must be removed with a manual-release plunger from the underside of the steering column. Since the problem doesn’t occur while the vehicle is moving, no crashes or injuries related to the issue have been reported and the risk is a dead battery.

Dealers will replace the automatic transmission shifter to fix the defect and will be mailing out letters to all affected owners.

[Source: Automotive News]

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