GM Ignition Switch Death Toll Still Rising

The number of people who will be compensated by General Motors because of faulty ignition switches in small cars is still climbing. 

As of Tuesday, 42 deaths, seven severe injuries and 51 other injuries have been deemed eligible for payment by lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who is managing GM’s victim compensation fund. In total, the victim compensation fund has received 51 claims for death, 156 for severe injuries and 1,919 for less-serious injuries requiring hospitalization.

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GM hired Kenneth Feinberg to look after the compensation fund, for which $400 million has initially been allocated. Feinberg has handled other high-profile compensation cases, such as those given in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The issue stems from a faulty ignition switch which can allow the car’s key to turn involuntarily, causing the engine to shut off. If this happens, the vehicle will lose power steering and the airbags will not function. GM is currently in the process of fixing all of the affected vehicles. Before they can be fixed, the company recommends that those driving these vehicles take everything off of their key ring, so that no unnecessary weight is being put on the ignition switch.

[Source: Auto News]

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