Jaguar SUV Won’t be Called an ‘SUV’


Jaguar doesn’t plan on referring to its upcoming utility vehicle as an “SUV” when it arrives sometime in 2016.

Brand boss Ralf Speth told AutoCar that the term “SUV” will be reserved for vehicles under the Land Rover brand that are designed with off-road capability in mind. Jaguar’s upcoming crossover will emphasize sporty on-road dynamics rather than off-road ability and will consequently not be branded as an “SUV.”

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“Of course, it will be a vehicle which looks great and which has a strong stance, but the capability will be very different from a Land Rover,” Speth said to AutoCar. “[JLR chief engineer] Mike Cross and his vehicle dynamics team will do an extraordinary job to make sure that it is sensational to drive on the road. It will be something special in that regard. Of course, it will not be anything like a sports car, but it will have a very specific character that sets it apart.”

The AutoCar report says Jaguar is currently referring to the ca internally as a “sports crossover,” but that it plans to mint something sexier sounding by the time it officially debuts. When that happens, Jaguar is expected to remain relatively faithful to the C-X17 concept that it first put on display during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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[Source: AutoCar]

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