Mercedes Fuel Leak Probe Closed by NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has closed a probe looking into Mercedes E-Class vehicles for a fuel leak issue. 

To remedy the situation, Mercedes has extended the original warranty coverage to 15 years and unlimited mileage on “Covered Fuel Tank Components,” which includes the gas tank, fuel filter/sender, fuel pump, gaskets/seals and retention rings. Owners were complaining of a strong fuel odour right after they would fill the gas tanks of their cars, and NHTSA found that gas can weep or seep through micro-cracks in the fuel filler componenets, causing it to pool or gather on top of the gas tank or other components.

The probe opened in January 2012 after NHTSA received 20 reports of a fuel leak in the 2003-2006 Mercedes E55 AMG, then the probe expanded to all 2003-2008 E-Class vehicles. Many complainants said that fuel was entering the car under the back seat, but NHTSA found that to be untrue. “Contrary to complainant’s allegations that fuel entered the inside of their vehicle under the rear seat bench, neither (NHTSA) nor Mercedes found a plausible way for this to occur,” NHTSA said.

The organization is “closing this investigation based on the manufacturer’s extend warranty of the affected fuel system components and in consideration that the nature of the leaks does not appear to present an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety,” said NHSTA.

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