NHTSA Closes 3 Chrysler Defect Investigations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has closed three Chrysler defect investigations which all resulted in recalls. 

The first investigation and subsequent recall, which is only just being reported, has to do with a faulty switch hooked up to the clutch of certain small pickup trucks. In the affected vehicles, the clutch pedal does not have to be depressed for the vehicle to be started which could result in unexpected movement. Chrysler will replace the clutch ignition interlock switch on about 66,819 Dodge Rams, Dodge Dakotas and Mitsubishi Raiders from the 2006 and 2007 model year.

NHTSA is also closing their investigation into about 643,618 Jeep Commanders and Jeep Grand Cherokees. These vehicles were recalled because the ignition can turn off while the vehicle is running, causing the onboard systems such as the power steering to stop functioning. These vehicles are from the 2005 to 2007 model year.

Finally, Chrysler recalled 256,000 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks over an axle pinion nut that can loosen, causing the rear axle to seize. Thanks to the recall, the investigation into this problem has now been closed.

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