Top 10 AutoGuide Photos of 2014

Top 10 AutoGuide Photos of 2014

2014's Best Photos

We did some wild things in 2014. To be more specific, we drove some wild vehicles and telling you about them would be considerably more challenging without pictures. These are our 10 favorites from the year. Feel free to post more in the comments.

Photo by: Stephen Elmer. Featured in Testing Toyota’s Tough Truck in the Tundra


We piloted two Toyota Tundras, a 2014 model along with a 2007 model, through the frozen reaches of the Canadian province of Labrador. Along the way, we passed breathtaking landscapes and eventually wound up encountering some of the largest snow banks you will ever see.

Photo by: Chris Blanchette. Featured in: AutoGuide Under $30,000 Performance Car Shootout


One of the many photos taken at our under $30,0000 track shootout, featuring eight affordable cars that offer plenty of fun. This lineup represents some of the best performance cars you can get with a small budget.

Photo by: Chris Blanchette. Featured in: 2015 Lamborghini Huracan Review – Video


Taken at the Ascari Race Track in Spain, this photo shows off the sinister new styling of the Huracan. This car replaces the Gallardo and Lamborghini is hoping it will also be its new all-time best seller.

Photo by: Adam Wood. Featured in: BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Review – video


To test out the all-new T/A KO2 off-road tire from BF Goodrich, we traveled to Baja, Mexico to crash around the desert in small Baja Challenge cars. Not only did we have an amazing time, we came home with some great video footage and photographs.

Photo by: Adam Wood. Featured in: 2015 Ford Mustang Review -Video


Driving the Mustang around the hills of Los Angeles was a highlight from the year, and our test car looked amazing in yellow. The California backdrop provides a great setting for this Mustang shot.