Top 10 Rotary Powered Vehicles

8. (Audi) NSU Ro 80

Wait, Audi made a rotary car? Yeah, well, sort of. In 1967 NSU created a luxury vehicle called the Ro 80. It was a four door vehicle powered by a 995 cc two rotor engine that produced 113 hp. If that wasn’t even technological wizardry, the Ro 80 also featured inboard front brake rotors and a semi-automatic three speed gearbox complete with a vacuum operated clutch. There was no clutch pedal in this car as a button was depressed on top of the gear shifter to activate the clutch.

So where does Audi come in? In 1969 the Volkswagen Group acquired NSU, merged them with Auto Union and created Audi. The Ro 80 would continue production until 1977.