Audi RS7 Morphed into Lamborghini Estoque at TAS


The Lamborghini Estoque might not be heading to production anytime soon but that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from creating their own.

Belladonna Car Works decided to take matters into its own hands by crafting a Lamborghini Estoque from an Audi RS7 donor car. Based in Japan, the custom car builder specializes in modifying exotics and creating mashup projects that would even make the imaginary Nissan NISMO cars jealous. Whether or not you’re a fan of the end result, there’s no denying the work and creativity that went into creating this one-of-a-kind project. Unfortunately it looks like Belladonna ran out of time to complete the car, or its order of Lamborghini headlights didn’t come in on time – nonetheless, it made it to the show floor.

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage

Details are light on the Belladonna Cattivo Audi RS7, but according to the company’s website it features 20-inch wheels manufactured by Belladonna while the car rides on an air suspension setup from Roberuta Cup. The wheels have been wrapped with Nitto Invo tires with 275/30/20 in the front and 345/25/20 in the rear, giving you a sense at just how wide this particular car is.

GALLERY: Belladonna Cattivo Audi RS7


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