Audi TTQ Crossover Coming in 2017

Audi TTQ Crossover Coming in 2017

Audi is bringing a new crossover to market based on the TT, but its name won’t follow standard Audi convention.

It will be called the TTQ rather than the Q4 because Fiat Chrysler owns the rights to that alpha-numeric badge. Audi tried to trademark every badge from Q1 to Q9, but found that FCA owns both Q2 and Q4, and isn’t willing to part with them.

The TTQ will take its inspiration from the TT Offroad Concept, which shares its footprint size with both the TT and Q3, but jacks up the ground clearance. Audi has rolled out three different TT concepts in the recent past, but chose to closely mirror the TT Off-Road concept because of its spacious head room and leg room along with a nicely sized trunk.

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To differentiate this crossover from the Q3, it will have a lower roofline and coupe styling to make it the more stylish of the two.

Volkswagen’s MQB platform will underpin the TTQ which is likely to get its power from a five-cylinder engine. It will also use a mostly aluminum body just like the TT coupe and convertible.

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