BMW M5 AWD Confirmed in Spy Photos


How does an all-wheel drive BMW M5 xDrive sound to you?

It appears that the German automaker is working on an M5 xDrive model as‘s spy photographers have caught this unsuspecting sedan testing on one of the ice tracks used by BMW. At first glance, it appears to be your everyday M5 but upon closer inspection, an undercarriage photo of the M5 reveals a driveshaft at the front wheels meaning this M5 is all-wheel drive.

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Our spy photographers also saw the M5 drifting with all four wheels spinning, but unfortunately it’s more likely that BMW is testing an all-wheel drive setup for the next-generation M5 rather than for the current model. The German automaker’s road map for the 2016 model year doesn’t have an M5 xDrive listed, but we all know that’s not set in stone. It is worth noting that the former BMW M chief engineer, Albert Biermann who is now with Hyundai, had said in the past that the current-generation M5 would never get all-wheel drive.

GALLERY: BMW X5 AWD xDrive Spy Photos


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