FCA Debuts Uconnect Access Services at CES

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is adding to its suite of Uconnect Access apps.

The four new services – Vehicle Finder, Send Destination to Vehicle, a Monthly Vehicle Report and Vehicle Health Alert – were uniquely designed to help consumers monitor and maintain their vehicle’s key systems, easily navigate to desired destinations and keep track of their vehicle’s location at all times. In addition, the company said the Uconnect Access smartphone app has been redesigned to look and feel new with improved functionality.

The Vehicle Finder service will allow users to view the location of their vehicle through map, satellite or hybrid views and will offer a “Find Route” option that will select a navigation application and give a route via walk or drive to the vehicle’s location. The new Send Destination to Vehicle service allows customers to send a location address directly to their Uconnect system’s large touchscreen for easy navigation.

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Customers will also receive e-mails with information on their vehicle’s status, allowing them to review and monitor their vehicle’s key systems such as powertrain, oil and fluids, brakes, suspension and safety systems at a glance. The Vehicle Health Alert service will send an email if one of the key systems needs service or attention. All four services will be made available during the first half of 2015 on select 2015 model-year vehicles properly equipped with an 8.4A or 8.4AN system.

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