Honda Previews Hydrogen Future with FCV Concept

Honda Previews Hydrogen Future with FCV Concept

For years Honda has been experimenting with hydrogen-powered vehicles and now the company is committed to developing a production fuel cell vehicle.

It’s being previewed by the FCV Concept on display at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell stack, the FCV is said to be able to drive 300 miles on a single tank. Best of all, unlike an EV, refueling the FCV only takes 5 minutes, similar to that of a conventional gasoline powered car.

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The updated fuel-cell stack now has a power output of 3.1kW/L, representing a 60 percent increase in power over Honda’s previous fuel-cell vehicle, the FCX, even though the stack has been physically shrunk by 30 percent.

The FCV is designed to seat five passengers as the fuel-cell stack now fits entirely under the hood, unlike the company’s previous fuel-cell car that stored fuel in a tunnel running the length of the car.

A production version of the FCV is expected to launch in Japan by March of 2016, followed by the U.S. and Europe at a later date.

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