Honda Won’t Use Takata Airbags in Next Accord

When the redesigned Honda Accord arrives in the U.S., it will not be fit with Takata airbags.

Takata is in the middle of a safety crisis, caused by defective airbags that have been recalled in more than 21 million vehicles globally spanning ten different automakers. Honda is the first major automaker to announce its intention to walk away from Takata. The new Accord, which is the brand’s best-selling vehicles, will instead use airbags from Toyoda Gosei.

In the affected airbags, a rupture can cause metal shards to shoot out at the occupants when the airbag is deployed. So far, five deaths and at least a dozen injuries have been attributed to the issue.

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Honda alone has sold 13 million vehicles equipped with Takata air bags, with about 10 million of those going to the United States.

The new Accord is expected to arrive in 2017, but before then, the redesigned CR-V and all-new Odyssey minivan are both said to switch to Toyoda Gosei airbags by 2016.

[Source: Reuters]

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