Toyota Vitz Transformed Into a Convertible Crossover Eyesore


You might want to rub your eyes one more time because what you’re looking at started its life as a Toyota Vitz.

The Vitz is known as the Yaris in North America and we wouldn’t blame you if you can’t see the resemblance with the above photo. The project, which is called TES-CROSS, was created by the Toyota Engineering Society (TES) and is a four-seater that was built to incorporate fun and driving while comfortably taking the entire family along for the ride. According to the team members creating the project, the focus word for the TES-CROSS was “bend” and the goal was to make the Vitz more fun to drive.

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon Coverage

The body is nearly eight inches wider than the standard Vitz, leaving room for larger and wider wheels along with modified suspension to give it better handling characteristics and a more fitting stance. According to the website, the roof can be folded away and the Vitz went on a slight diet while the standard 1.0-liter engine was tossed out for a supercharged 1.3-liter mill.

If the project reminds you a bit of the TE-Spyder 800, it should because that was also created by the Toyota Engineering Society.

GALLERY: TES-Cross Toyota Vitz


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