Volkswagen to Support Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink

Volkswagen customers in the future will be able to have a connected car experience no matter regardless of the phone they use.

As part of its CES press conference, the automaker revealed its new App-Connect enabled infotainment system which supports integration with the three upcoming smart-phone companion interfaces.

VW expects this feature to be rolled out before the end of this year and demonstrated the system with a new e-Golf. App-Connect will also allow passengers to control the cars media system with their smartphone or tablet.

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The e-Golf also featured a wireless charging system called Intelligent Charge, which will also be capable of showing owners if their battery is fully charged or not via a smartphone.

Finally, the e-Golf was outfitted with a new feature called Perfect Parking. This will park the car for you, even using a camera to learn your favorite parking spot and position. VW even suggests a remote parking system that will allow the car to park itself without the driver in the car.

Gallery: Volkswagen e-Golf Intelligent Charge


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