Chrysler to Abandon Value Vans

Chrysler’s next-generation minivan will mark a move into more premium territory for the manufacturer’s offering within the segment.

Last year FCA announced its plan to discontinue the Dodge Grand Caravan, selling only the Town & Country in the coming generation. When that happens, FCA will also walk away from offering a stripped-down model for an especially low price, Chrysler brand boss Al Gardner told Automotive News.

The American Value Package, which starts at $22,390, will not be replaced when the Grand Caravan exits the market. “That price point is really hard to do, and none of the competition can do it either,” Garnder said.

That van will be offered with all-wheel drive a plug-in hybrid powertrain and is expected to arrive for the 2017 model year when it begins rolling out of FCA’s Windsor, Canada, assembly plant.

[Source: Automotive News]