Ford Focus RS AWD System Could Head to Other Models

Ford Focus RS AWD System Could Head to Other Models

The Ford Focus RS is just the beginning of more high-performance models from the American automaker.

Making its debut earlier this week, there was a lot to be excited about with the hot hatch including it’s 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine with over 320 hp. But perhaps what sports car enthusiasts are really looking forward to is the American automaker’s new all-wheel drive system that not only delivers power to the front and rear wheels but is capable of distributing it side-to-side at each axle.

“If you look at the thread of the presentation and what we’ve used these fast Fords for in the past, a lot of mainstream technologies that we use today came from these vehicles,” Joe Bakaj, Ford of Europe’s VP of product development in an interview with Car and Driver. “And I can see this as one of those technologies of the future.”

The system is similar to Land Rover‘s “Active Driveline,” that is found in the high-performance variants of the Range Rover Evoque. Both Ford and Land Rover’s systems utilize twin electronically-controlled clutches so that the rear axle can send torque to the wheels and of course, both are equipped with side-by-side torque vectoring. It is also being reported that Ford worked with Sweden-based GKN Driveline on its system, which is the same company that developed Land Rover’s system.

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Installing the system in other products would also be a smart financial decision considering how much it cost to re-engineer the Focus for all-wheel drive.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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