Mitsubishi Turns to Nissan after Renault Talks Break Down

Mitsubishi is turning to Nissan for help on its next midsize sedan.

Nissan has begun speaking with Mitsubishi on a possible collaboration on compact and midsize sedan models after talks with Nissan’s alliance partner Renault broke down. According to a Mitsubishi spokesman, the Japanese automaker has put plans to replace the Galant on an indefinite hold but is still working on replacing the Lancer with a compact successor.

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More importantly, Mitsubishi is hoping to find a partner to help reduce R&D and production costs, but could end up developing the model itself. The company is prioritizing a Lancer successor since it’s a global model with demand in numerous markets, including the U.S.

Lancer sales dropped in the U.S. by 15 percent to 16,495 units last year but has seen an increase of 68 percent last month to 1,515 units.

GALLERY: 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer GT


[Source: Automotive News]

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