The Chevy Colorado Super Bowl Commercial Asks the Big Question Staff
by Staff

Chevy’s Super Bowl ad asks the big question about the big game.

And Chevy is providing the answer too.

What would you do if your TV went out and you couldn’t watch the Super Bowl? Well, if you had a new Chevy Colorado pickup you could have the available 4G LTE wi-fi.

Problem solved. Staff Staff

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  • Stephen Davis Stephen Davis on Feb 05, 2015

    i am asking a legitamite question about GMs HP claim on this truck where max HP is above the redline and the owners manual says not to operate the engine above rted line because any damage my void my warranty? why do you guys keep deleting this comment? i am an owner of this truck and I have a genuine need for information....please give GM a call because their dealers and 800 line keep giving me the run around.