Aston Martin DBX Concept Previews an All-Electric SUV

Aston Martin has just dropped a surprise at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show with the debut of the uber-luxury, all electric DBX Concept.

Aston Martin is calling the DBX Concept a high luxury GT, so don’t call it a crossover, even though that’s basically what it is. Far from a production ready vehicle, the concept is just a design study for the time being, but Aston does admit there is a market for such a vehicle.

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The DBX Concept is an all-wheel drive crossover high luxury GT that uses inboard-of-wheel electric motors at all four corners powered by lithium sulphur cells. Steering is a drive-by-wire set-up and both the driver and passenger have head-up displays surrounded by auto-dimming ‘smart glass’.

The DBX Concept can accommodate four adults and all the cargo they could ever want since there is a traditional rear cargo area as well as a front trunk occupying the place usually reserved for a gasoline engine.

The black pearl paint job is specially created to mimic the look of an actual black pearl by adding a micro-fine layer of chrome for an added degree of reflectivity not found in traditional paint finishes.

Rounding out the DBX Concept’s ridiculous opulence are active LED exterior lights, carbon ceramic brakes featuring a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) and rear view cameras in place of the side view mirrors.

With rivals like Porsche already firmly in the segment and Bentley preparing to launch an SUV, this is the first time Aston Martin has hinted at getting into the crossover segment since the Lagonda concept car flop in 2009.

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