Detroit Electric Opens First Showroom

Detroit Electric has opened its first showroom.

The revived brand has opened up a flagship store adjacent to its plant in Leamington Spa, England and will allow shoppers to check out the SP:01 up close and personal, as well as customizing their ideal version through large touchscreen displays in the store. Earlier this year, the company announced that the SP:01 will head to South Korea first before expanding to other regions of Asia and Europe.

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Despite having its main offices in downtown Detroit, the automaker hasn’t announced any potential showrooms in the U.S. yet but is hopeful that it can manufacture future models in the country. The SP:01 is a Lotus-based electric sports car similar to the original Tesla Roadster. It features a 285-hp electric motor paired to a manual transmission and is capable of a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds and a driving range of approximately 180 miles.

“Siting this first flagship facility alongside our dedicated production plant in England makes perfect sense,” said Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam. “Prospective customers, distributors and dealers will be able to check out how we manufacture, present and sell our vehicles—all in one visit.”

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