Ford GT to Cost as Much as a Lamborghini Aventador


The new Ford GT will cost as much as a Lamborghini, and not a Huracan either.

Nope. Ford’s new carbon fiber 600+ horsepower supercar will be priced similar to the $398,000 Aventador – a car with 700 hp, twice as many cylinders and an exotic Italian brand behind it.

Speaking during the car’s European premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland today Ford’s VP of Global Product Development comment that, “price wise, we’ll be facing off against cars like the Aventador.”

It may not have quite the specs of the Lambo on paper, but Nair is confident in the GT’s ability to perform commenting that, “We’re certainly looking forward to going toe-to-toe with some of those great names [like Lamborghini].

Calling it “the pinnacle of Ford performance” Nair said the new GT will be, “an exclusive low volume supercar.”

How low? As few as 250 units a year.

That sort of volume is not unheard of for a hypercar like this. Ferrari will, in total, build just 499 versions of its million-dollar 950-hp hybrid LaFerrari.

That car was the focus of some of Ford’s auto show hype, with large billboards set up outside the auto show proclaiming the car to be “LaFord.”

Shots fired!