Mary Barra Deposed in Ignition Switch Suits


General Motors has agreed to depositions that will see its CEO answering questions related to the massive ignition switch recall.

Over three dozen current and former executives and employees from the American automaker will be deposed by lawyers suing the automaker for its delayed recall for faulty ignition switches that is now linked to at least 67 deaths. According to Bob Hilliard, one of three lead attorneys for class-action personal injury and death lawsuits against General Motors, the depositions will begin May 6 starting with Alicia Boler-Davis, senior vice president of global connected customer experience. Barra will be last to be deposed on October 8.

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The depositions are a sworn, out-of-court oral questioning and testimony of a witness that will be recorded and used later in court for discovery purposes. Expect them to include many of the 15 former lawyers and executives that CEO Barra fired last year as a result of the ignition switch recall. Others already on the block for questioning include engineering director David Cary, director of field performance evaluation Maureen Foley-Gardner, vice president of product programs and former chief Cobalt engineer Doug Parks and a deputy for GM’s general counsel, Lucy Clark Daugherty.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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