Top 10 Cheapest Vehicles to Insure


Car insurance is a necessary evil, an extra expense you really can’t drive without. Coverage is important both to protect yourself and others when the unexpected inevitably happens.

Paying that monthly premium can take a sizable bite out of your budget, especially if you drive an expensive or powerful vehicle. It’s no secret, as horsepower and performance go up so do insurance costs. Does every underwriter have a master’s degree in being a wet blanket?

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Still, some models are much cheaper to cover than others. Accordingly the folks at have determined the 10 most affordable vehicles to indemnify. To come up with this list they’ve compiled pricing information from carriers including Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm, taking data from 10 separate zip codes in each state.

The following prices include $100,000 injury liability for one person, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 to cover property damage. The insured is a 40-year-old man with a clean driving record and a daily commute of just 12 miles.

Ford Escape

10. Ford Escape – $1,161

Ford’s compact Escape crossover lands in the No. 10 spot on this list, averaging less than $1,200 to insure annually. The S trim level of this vehicle is a bargain in more ways than one; base price is less than 24 grand.

Dodge Grand Caravan

9. Dodge Grand Caravan SE – $1,158

Next up, the Dodge Grand Caravan … SE! All it costs to insure one for 12 months is $1,158. What a bargain! But that’s not all. You can practically pick one of these breadboxes up for your signature plus the lint in your pockets as down payment. An SE model can be yours for around 25 large, but unbelievably this trim doesn’t scream “cheap” quite as loudly as the American Value Package, which is a few grand less.

Dodge Journey

8. Dodge Journey SE – $1,149

And if you’re looking for even more value you can spend a little extra time at your local Dodge dealer because the brand’s Journey crossover is also an insurance bargain. On average an SE version of this vehicle will set you back just $1,149 to cover for a year. Base price for one of these is less than $25,000 including destination fees.

Subaru Outback

7. Subaru Outback 2.5i – $1,144

But American vehicles aren’t the only ones that are affordable to insure, oh no. You can drive a Subaru Outback 2.5i without breaking the bank because annual indemnity costs for this crossover average just $1,144. You’ve probably got that stashed away in your couch cushions. Out the door you can get one of these vehicles for about 26 grand.

Chrysler Town and Country

6. Chrysler Town & Country Touring – $1,140

Well, that was a brief reprieve but we’re back at the Pentastar brand for our No. 6 model. It should be no surprise that if the Dodge Grand Caravan is on this list then its identical twin will be as well. The Chrysler Town & Country miniature vanlette also earned itself accolades for being affordable to insure. Annual coverage for one of these family-haulers averages a paltry $1,140.

Jeep Compass

5. Jeep Compass Sport – $1,140

Surprise, surprise, we’ve got another Chrysler vehicle on this list! Tying the Town & Country for insurance affordability is the Jeep Compass Sport. Undercutting other vehicles presented here, the base price for one of these is less than $20,000, not including any rebates that may be available. In more ways than one the Compass is extremely affordable.

Honda CR-V

4. Honda CR-V LX – $1,115

Joining the Subaru Outback listed above is another Japanese vehicle, the ever-popular Honda CR-V. Out thrifting even the miserly Compass, this high-quality crossover offers customers a lot of features in a long-lasting, no-nonsense package. Annual insurance costs average just $1,115. As for vehicle pricing, you can snag yourself a CR-V for $24,000 and change.

Jeep Patriot

3. Jeep Patriot Sport – $1,104

This is getting old. Next up … ANOTHER JEEP, specifically the Patriot Sport. This off-road-focused crossover kicks off at less than 18 large, not counting any rebates, which could be significant based on where you live. But a bargain-basement price is not the Patriot’s only budget-boosting trick. Annual insurance costs average a paltry $1,104. How’s that for value?

Honda Odyssey

2. Honda Odyssey LX – $1,103

Undercutting the Patriot by just one solitary buck in average annual coverage costs is the Honda Odyssey LX minivan. Widely considered the best of its breed on the market today, this vehicle is a great option for families; it’s safe, reliable, efficient and not to bad of a drive, either. Regrettably it’s not that cheap, starting around $30,000 including destination fees.

Jeep Wrangler

1. Jeep Wrangler Sport – $1,080

How’s this for a surprise? It’s hard to believe, but according to of all the vehicles out there Jeep’s Wrangler Sport is the cheapest to insure. Um, how? Well, we’re not entirely sure but this SUV averages little more than a grand to cover for 12 months. The Sport model is the cheapest version available wearing a starting price of less than $24,000. Fortunately higher-end trim levels are also extremely affordable to insure.