Americans Prefer AM/FM Radio in Car: Survey

Online streaming radio, CDs and even MP3s still haven’t grown more popular than good old AM/FM radio. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Ipsos, Americans prefer listening to the radio over CDs or streaming services and it’s by an overwhelming majority. The survey showed 84 percent of Americans use the AM/FM radio as their audio entertainment option with 62 percent saying that they listen to the radio at least once per day.

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The majority of Americans, 64 percent, still use a CD player and keep an average of 10.5 CDs in their vehicle, although 68 percent said they haven’t purchased a new CD in the last year. It appears based on the survey results that cost is the biggest factor on low adoption rates of streaming services, with 80 percent of those that use no-cost streaming digital audio services saying they would not pay in the future.

“We’re certainly seeing reluctance amongst Americans to pay for music in the in-car environment,” said Thomas Spinelli, Vice President with Ipsos MediaCT. “The ability to listen to free music is important to Americans, as is their comfort with their current AM/FM setup. However, as new vehicles roll out, many of which are equipped with built in digital music services, we may see a shift in how Americans are thinking about listening in their cars.