Cadillac ELR to be Axed


Cadillac’s slow-selling plug-in hybrid coupe won’t be a part of the brand’s future.

Speaking to at the New York International Auto Show, brand president Johan de Nysschen confirmed that the ELR will stick around in the short term, but not beyond.

“The ELR will continue through its lifecycle,” he said, however, “I don’t’ think we will create a next-generation, compact, two-door, gorgeously styled alternative powertrain successor to ELR.”

That doesn’t mean the end of green cars for Cadillac, which, says de Nysschen, “will continue to offer alternative powertrain technologies in our cars.”

In fact, Cadillac is already preparing to launch a plug-in hybrid version of its all new CT6 full-size luxury sedan. Unveiled at the New York show, the CT6 is aimed at German rivals like the BMW 7 Series. When it first hits the market it will be available with a 400 hp twin-turbo V6, as well as a choice of either a naturally aspirated V6 or a turbocharged 4-cylinder.

Introduced in 2013, the ELR sold just 1,310 units in 2014 according to So far in 2015, just 311 units have been purchased.

It’s not clear when the ELR will officially end production, however, considering it shares numerous powertrain components with the original Volt, and that car is being replaced for 2016, it could be soon.

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danwat1234 says:

Yeah, it was doomed from the start. Less practical than the Volt and way too expensive

John says:

Please explain “less Practical”

Rickers says:

Um… it only has two doors.

danwat1234 says:

and a trunk, no hatch. And no software hack available to have the engine help with acceleration and you can’t install a Cruze anti-sway bar(AFAIK) (doesn’t really affect practicality, but still)

pwb says:

For the most part, all GM USA products are rebadged Chevrolets. If I wanted a Volt, which I don’t, I’d buy a Volt. The only two that aren’t Chevys are the ATS & CTS; the upcoming CT6 will replace the Cadillac Impala.

Dan says:

@pwb I’d generally agree with you but in the case of the ELR you need to do more research

Aaron Lavender says:

Well if they would have “gorgeously styled” this first gen, then maybe it would have sold more. To bad it’s terrible looking.

Robert Mark says:

Given the historical sales of all Cadillac models ending in “LR”, I think retiring the ELR might be a good idea.