Drivers Under 50 See Biggest Premium Hikes After Tickets


Younger drivers are more likely to see their insurance costs go up after a ticket. 

According to, drivers under the age of 50 are three times more likely to see their insurance costs rise after a ticket than drivers aged 50 to 64. Most insurance carriers check in on younger drivers every six months to look for new infractions, while older drivers go unchecked as they have a reputation for being safer drivers.

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But contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the youngest drivers who receive the most tickets. Drivers between the ages of 30 and 49 are actually the most ticketed demographic in the U.S., followed by drivers aged 18-29.

Making more money doesn’t help either, as households that make over $75,000 are the most likely out of all the income brackets to have received a ticket in the last five year.