Five Things You Need To Know About the 2016 Toyota RAV4


The RAV4 has always been popular, but Toyota is kicking things up with a number of enhancements and changes for 2016 that will help keep the car a top seller in its segment.

1. New Hybrid Model


Without a doubt, the most eye catching addition to the 2016 RAV4 is the new hybrid model. Available in XLE or Limited trim levels, the RAV4 Hybrid marks the eighth hybrid in Toyota’s lineup. The electrified crossover will use a 2.5-liter four cylinder engine and will only come in all-wheel drive form. The company didn’t announce any power or fuel efficiency numbers but both should be an increase over the regular all-wheel drive RAV4.

2. SE Trim level


Toyota is taking the positive feedback it received with the Camry SE and bringing that sporty trim level to the RAV4. That means it gets aggressive styling in the form of 18-inch alloy wheels, a unique front bumper design, LED headlights and taillights, a unique interior with black headliner and gunmetal trim in addition to paddle shifters.

3. Birds Eye View Camera and Perimeter Scan


This new birds eye view camera, which is similar to the surround-view camera that some of its competitors offer, is a first for Toyota. The car has four cameras that give the driver a panoramic view of their surroundings, in order to help with parking. While the sounds very familiar, the RAV4 will also come with something called Perimeter Scan, which gives the driver a live rotating 360 degree view of what is around the vehicle, helping them see objects that could be in the way.

4. Friendlier Interior


One of the biggest complaints we had with the last RAV4 was how some of its interior panels felt cheap. Toyota is addressing this with more soft-touch materials on the upper door panel and lower dash and by changing the bezel around the gear selector and window switches. Toyota has also updated the usability of its interior, with a new cup holder design that can accommodate bigger travel mugs with handles. There’s also a new sunglasses holder and additional USB slots added to front and a 12-volt power outlet added in the rear.

5. New Styling


Finally, you’ll be able to identify the 2016 RAV4 from its past iterations thanks to a revised design. A new front fascia now gives the RAV4 a face that’s very similar to the Camry. There are available LED lights for the front and rear of the crossover, which provide an additional premium touch. Finally, there’s a new silver skid plate design that gives the RAV4 a rugged look.

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