Lotus Sales Surge Forward

Lotus sold 2,015 cars last year, marking a big increase over its performance in the previous fiscal year.

The company said it sold that many cars during its 2014-2015 fiscal year to claim an increase of 55 percent over the 2013-2014 year when it only sold 1,296 vehicles. With recently-installed CEO Jean-Marc Gales at the helm, the company is in the middle of a revitalization plan that will see it introduce revised models based on its currently available architecture.

But the list of new models won’t end there.

“Looking to the future, we are working on new Lotus cars and have a number of exciting announcements and reveals over the next 18 months,” Gales said today.

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He didn’t say what those models might be, but they will almost certainly be more derivative products based on the Evora, Elise or Exige.

Last March, the brand showcased its Evora 400 during the Geneva Motor Show with 400 hp. The company said the Evora 400 is its fastest road car ever. But that car didn’t do anything to help the company achieve its admittedly small overall volume, which was still enough to report better sales since the industry took a big dip in 2008.

The company enjoyed its biggest gains in China, France and Germany. Lotus credits the overall increase to the Elise, which saw a sales increase of 80 percent to a total of 729 cars. There should also be another big uptick in volume when the Evora 400 comes online.

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