Mercedes Pickup Under Consideration for US


A Mercedes-Benz pickup truck is being considered for addition to the U.S. lineup. 

“We said to Stuttgart, ‘We are open, and let us assess the market,'” Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA told Automotive News. “If that leads to us saying ‘green light,’ then we will bring it.” Mercedes USA needs to make the decision before the end of 2015, to make sure there is enough time for homologation and to get it approved for U.S. crash safety.

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The truck was planned and approved without the U.S. market in mind, but Cannon sees a place for a Mercedes-Benz pickup truck in the driveways of current luxury buyers. “For a Mercedes-Benz household that has a lot of stuff or a lot of kids or they want to tow the boat — we could offer something to customers who are already luxury-predisposed,” said Cannon.

Cannon says the truck will need to move around 10,000 units a year in the United States to make sense. Mercedes has confirmed the small truck will initially be sold in Europe, Latin America, Australia and South Africa.

[Source: Automotive News]

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