Rolls-Royce SUV Mule Looks Absolutely Ridiculous


Rolls-Royce has revealed a rather odd test mule for its upcoming SUV.

The British automaker has released photos of the first test mule for Project Cullinan, the brand’s upcoming SUV, or as they say it, a “high-sided, all-terrain motor car.” The mule seen in the photos is a based on a shortened Phantom Series II body and has been put together to develop a new all-wheel drive suspension setup. No explanation of the massive rear spoiler was offered.

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While the test mule paints an accurate picture as to the size of the upcoming SUV, Rolls says that the styling of the mule is not related to the final vehicle in any way.

The first tests will study the car’s on-road behavior and will take place around the world on a multitude of driving surfaces. Rolls will spend equal time off-road as well, to ensure the car has the hallmark “magic-carpet” ride when the wheels leave the pavement.

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