Self-Driving Hyundais Could be here by 2020

While Toyota and Nissan are both scrambling to introduce lower-cost safety systems in mainstream models, Hyundai is pushing advanced assistance systems and aims to have a new autonomous driving feature ready by the year 2020.

Like its Japanese rivals this South Korean car maker is focusing on the low-end of its lineup by offering some appealing safety tech in its compact Elantra model. The car, which is available as a sedan, coupe and hatchback will gain advanced features later this year.

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Beyond this high-volume proliferation Hyundai will also introduce a new lane-keeping cruise control system in its pricier vehicles. This latest generation of the technology will work at any speed unlike the one it currently offers, which only functions at velocities greater than 37 MPH.

Even further out on the horizon, Hyundai is hard at work on a traffic-jam assist feature. It would modulate acceleration, braking and steering at low speeds without any driver input. As appealing as this technology sounds for frazzled commuters it’s still in development. Don’t look for it to hit the market for at least two years. A major reason for the delay is the cost of the system’s laser scanner.

[Source: Automotive News]

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