Top Viral News Stories of the Week: April 5-April 12, 2015 Staff
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Aston Martin’s next model drew plenty of buzz on the Internet this past week.

Spy photos of the Aston Martin DB 11 testing in the rain was‘s most shared story across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while news that Ferrari is planning a twin-turbo V6 sports car was also popular. Sedan shoppers also had their eyes glued on our top 10 list of the fastest sedans to 60 mph.

Aston Martin DB 11 Spied in the Rain

New spy photos of Aston Martin’s next generation coupe crossed paths with our spy photographers once again.

Ferrari Plans Twin-Turbo V6 Sports Car

Ferrari might be preparing a move downmarket that will make owning one of its products less expensive.

Top 10 Fastest Sedans to 60 MPH

Some cars are comfortable, some cars are efficient and some cars, usually the exciting ones are fast. But for many, a fast car usually means something impractical, like a coupe or mid-engined car that can’t be driven all year long, or with the rest of your family with you. Staff Staff

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