‘New Fisker’ Offers Free Maintenance to Current Owners

Fisker’s new corporate parents are providing support for current Karma owners.

The “new Fisker” has announced that it has appointed authorized CSP (customer support program) providers to assist current owners with service and parts needs. According to the automaker, current Karma owners will get parts and labor for covered repairs free of charge up to $2,000. Original owners of the Karma are entitled to additional CSP benefits of $2,000 for parts and $1,000 for labor for covered repairs above the current owners CSP benefits. That means original Karma owners are eligible for up to $5,000 in parts and labor for their vehicles.

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The CSP program will be valid until January 31, 2016 or until the reserved CSP funds are depleted. Fisker did not announce the allotment of funds for the program but does have at least 15 CSP providers in the U.S. and many more throughout Europe and one in the United Arab Emirates.

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